♥finding my way to get through all obstacles♥




I'm still in serious until my face swollen and DAMN pain..go to take a nap because I can't stand it anymore..around 5 something I woke up..dear still not come back yet..sms him to ask whether the competition ends?? he said he still competing..then i return back to sleep..around 7pm i woke up..he still x come back..don't know why my heart suddenly felt like a bit sad..perhaps in this moment..what i need is his care and concern..not any kind of medicine..I'm disappointed on him..very upset right now..what can I do?? I just can wait..fine..1am..he still x come back yet..I lying on the sofa while waiting him..and thinking about our interactions today..not much..he even no sms me..I can't control my tears to drop sad..i keep crying and crying..I hate the moment of waiting someone..I dun like to be alone..I felt so lonely..I hope my dear are accompanying me right now..sorry dear..I so selfish..I know you are in the competition..but I really felt so head so pain..want burst already..when i walk I feel like faint..this whole day I never had a proper appetite and moody..when I saw food feel like vomit..even teethes also pain..I can't chew any food..just drink some oats to"isi perut"..suddenly..i lost all my confidence on you..and myself too..I'm not pretty sure that you are still care for me?? or  just I think too much on it?? should i put all this away and go to sleep?? my heart is broken..heartache is what i feeling now..maybe i should take it easy to prevent any argument happens? that is not what i hope to see.. I still waiting you dear..are you coming back?? almost 14 hours not meet you..miss you so much..but I'm not sure that do you miss me too?? while writing this post i keep you know my feelings?? we had been together for 4 months,but we seems to be together for quite a long time you feel it?? every morning when I wake up i can see your face..your sleeping pattern..right in front of cute..this is my beloved are my MR.RIGHT is it?? tell me you are please..I love you so much..dear..don't ever make me sad again can??



Yesterday i was sick,that feelings so sucks...sore throat plus flu..
today getting worse..i have fever as well..
perhaps i got H1N1..XD hopefully not..
last night no sleep at all..
now very head want burst already..T.T
WHO can help me???
now so moody..many problems surrounding me..
job,family and health problems are annoying me..
just want to find a solution to solve it..
or just let it be maybe??
my dear is now on a snooker competition..
try your best dear..i will support u always..
perhaps only love can make me not so stress?
or i just need not to think too much about those tiny stuff,right??
currently worry about someone that is changing her attitude slowly and badly..
hope she will know what is she doing and won't regret about what her did..
this is not what i hope to the way..take care of yourself..
i have running out of ideas to help you..
long time didn't write very strange for me in doing this..
anyway..just dropped by here to update my blog and relieve my stress as well..
till then..